This is the current design for the Zinnoi

Zinnoi is a common red snake like alien that has 4 eyes and a pair of fangs. While it's a common alien, it surprisingly is rarely played. It used to go by the name "Snek" and was a joke morph, in which you'd type /morph snek in order to become, and then for awhile was in the 'Extras' tab, but has now officially became a real alien! Zinnoi is a red snake made from many different shades. It's got 4 black eyes and a pair of white little fangs.


A long, slithering, scavenging creature, equipped with muscles strong enough to lift and pull its entire body across most surfaces.


Attack - 0
Health - 120
Speed - 25


Zinnoi egg

The Zinnoi egg is a slightly red tinted white color. It's one of the smaller eggs within the game. and can easily be mistaken for a tonit egg

Zinnoi egg next to black and stud

This is the zinnoi egg sitting next to a 1 by 1 stud block with a black background. The egg is smaller than a .5 by .5, and is estimated to be a .35 by .45

The zinnoi egg is known to be very small. Some might mistake it was a tonit egg, but zinnoi eggs are more round and slightly smaller than them, and also slightly whiter than the tonit egg.


Zinnoi top image

This is the zinnoi. It's design has not changed since it was created.

The zinnoi hasn't gone through many changes, and has been basically the same since its creation, which wasn't too long ago. It has a long red body with no legs. It's body goes through different shades of red and pink, getting lighted the closer you get to the tail. He has two fangs, yet has no attack. When it was originally made the snake was very buggy and couldn't climb hills, and was likely to be removed from the game. After a lot of messing around and consideration, Caz took it upon herself to fix this snake and put him in game along with all the other aliens!

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