Tinit is the most common and basic alien that most people start off as! It's had the same general look for as long as most people can remember, and is likely the best known alien. It's got a bright red and blue design


This is the current design for the Tinit

with a black/grey eye and beak.

Description :

A small scavenging creature that prefers to live underground in colonies. Will collaborate with Tonits if the environmental conditions are poor enough, but prefer to stick to their own.

Stats :

Attack - 4
Health - 100
Speed - 18

Egg :

Black backround next to 1 stud

This is the tinit egg sitting next to a 1 by 1 stud block with a black background. The egg is smaller than a .5 by .5, and is estimated to be a .35 by .45

Tinit egg white background

The tinit egg is a slightly blue tinted white color. It's one of the smaller eggs within the game.

The tinit egg is known to be very small. Some might mistake it was a tonit egg, but tinit eggs have a blue tint while tonit eggs have a red tint.

Design :

Top view tinit

This is the current design of the tinit from above

The tinit hasn't gone through many changes, and has been basically the same since its creation. It has a small light blue body with two tiny back legs, It's tail is a shade of red that goes up the back of the tinit, almost like a pair of pants for its tail. It has one eye in the top center of its face and a small black beak. The tinit is one of the few aliens that happens to have a group. This group consists of Tinit, Tonit, Tanit, Tenit, Tunit, and Tynit. Tinit, Tonit, and Tenit are the only ones with official designs
Tinit old design

This is the old design for the tinit, having a very tiny beak and it's legs being attached to one another instead of being two seperate parts

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