This is the current design of the Kaniisk

Kaniisk is a common and basic alien that many people play as! It's one of the few aliens that have special features, for it can match anything it stands on! Its camo ability is unique to it's species and can match any material and color, but not lighting and transparency. The kaniisk is a blue flat lizard with 4 legs and two eyes. It hasn't gone through any design changes.


A small flat creature with a smooth back, capable of changing color to disguise itself as its surroundings.


Attack - 8
Health - 50
Speed - 20
Kaniisk egg

The kaniisk egg is flat and a slightly blue tinted white color. It's one of the smaller eggs within the game.


The kaniisk egg is one of the smallest eggs in the game, being small and flat. While other aliens have a hard time moving this egg, kaniisk can move it so easily that its likely to go flying in one direction. It is one of the two smallest eggs in the game, and will likely stay that way.

Kaniisk egg with stud


The kaniisk has always been the same and is likely not to change. It is a flat blue lizard that is relatively fast but bad at climbing. It is the only alien able to change it's color at will, and the only alien that can have unique texture applied on it at any time. In order to change colors, you must press 'Q' and then move. The only way for one to change colors is for every part of their body to have touched the block, which can be difficult to do, but can be used to your advantage. While swimming the kaniisk will hold whichever color it touched last, which can be used to make cool color pallets for the creature.

Kaniisk on white top

The top view of a kaniisk with a white background

Cropped kaniisk camo

Changing colors is one of the kaniisk's abilities.

Egg stones

While swimming, you can hold the colors you last touched

On the right you can see the camo ability in action. When walking over these different blocks, your body will change once they touch it. The lower right image shows that while swimming you can hold the colors, until you touch something again.

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