The hekk is the strongest alien in Be an alien renewal. It has gone through a remodel before, but is known to be a dangerous force to mess with. This large t-rex like alien is bright red with large claws and a large beak. His 6 eyes help him see while attempting to hunt his prey.


A large, slow-moving, scavenging beast with spiked appendages.


Attack - 40
Health - 200
Speed - 18
Hekk egg withstud


Hekk egg

The hekkari's egg is the biggest egg in the game. It is way larger than a 1 by 1 stud, and can barely be pushed by the smallest of aliens. It is pure white and almost a perfect circle. It's a little smaller than the hekk's head.

Old hekk

This is what the hekk looked like before it was remodeled.


Hekk back

Here's an overhead view of the hekkari

The hekkari, or hekk, is the largest alien playable by regular players. It's multiple shades of red and grey, with terrifying claws. It looks similar to a t-rex mixed with a bee. It has a pair of wings, but cannot use them due to them being too small due to evolution. The hekk has large feet and large claws, a large beak, and 6 eyes. It has a huge tail and a set of useless wings. The hekkari went through a design change, where it was a bit thicker and slower looking. The redesign it got was definitely for the better.

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