This is the current design of the gnark

Gnark is one of the few aliens that can fly, but the way it does is completely different from any other alien! It can fly in place as well as follow where your curser points. While this alien isn't extreamly popular, its a common alien for people who are trying to search around the map with ease. The gnark has gone through a name change, previously known as the gnat, but later changed due to a real creature being named gnat.


A small, flying, omnivorous creature.


Attack - 10
Health - 30
Speed - 30


Gnark egg

The gnark egg is surprisingly big. They are pure white and the size of a 1 by 1 stud. They roll with ease, being almost a perfect circle. There isn't any other alien egg thats similar enough to get it confused with.

Gnark egg with stud
Gnark flying

A gnark flying


Gnark from about

Overhead view of a gnark

The gnark is a gnat like being that's relatively large. It's got two eyes and 6 legs, and a pair of see through wings, being the smooth plastic texture. He has a long black beak and a larger butt like area. It's the only alien currently able to hover and have the flying mechanic that allows them to stay at a single height and not have to move, which is best described as a humming bird way of flying.

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