Every alien has their color seeds. Some aliens change more than others. Here's a page where people can comment the color seeds they find, and others will be added here for you to use. We also will explain how color seeds work and how admins have it different from regular players.

How do they work?

Color seeds

Color seeds are a random assortment of letters and numbers that will change the color of your alien. Some aliens have a bigger range than others. For example, the sjorvii has no limit into what colors it can be; It can be any color. Other aliens though, like Hekkaris, must be a shade of red. A program in the game decides what words make what colors. The computer has a color picker for every alien, and must stay within the circle the developer makes. A good example is this chart. There's two circles. The computer can only pick colors that are from the circles. On the right side of this image, you can see the colors the computer randomly picked. The sjorvii has no circles, and instead can use the entire color picking chart.

What do they look like?

Color seeds look different for every alien. A great example of this is the sjorvii. As you can see here, these three photos are all different, but they're all the same alien! On other aliens, it's hard to notice a change, but its very clear on some.


What is different about admin color seeds?

Admin color seeds are just like sjorvii ones! There's no limit to what colors they can be, and they can apply it to any alien. Bellow are countless examples.

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