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Kerpoi Kerpoi 31 January

Example Alien Page

[This blog post will be a suggested guide to create a page for an in-game alien, based off of existing pages! Feel free to deviate from this example, this page is meant to be an unofficial guide to match with the rest of the wiki.]

"Every alien in-game has added flavor text in their descriptions. Copy the text by hand, word-for-word, and use block quote formatting and quotation marks to add the text at the top of a page. As of the Beta update, the interface displaying statistics and flavor text has been temporarily removed, so skip this step if your alien was added after 1/29/21."

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Appearance
    • 2.1 Customization
    • 2.2 Eggs
  • 3 Design
  • 4 Trivia

Under a heading, briefly describe your alien. What are the most important traits of your alien? What dist…

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Notdgrw919 Notdgrw919 11 August 2020


where have i went to where is everything help

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