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Welcome to BAAR - Be an Alien: Renewal Wiki, a wiki for the game Be an Alien: Renewal Yes, this is the second wiki that has been made for the game, however we have good reasoning. The idea for this wiki is to be completely unbiased and provide everything you might be looking for! We plan on ensuring that our wiki pages have no biased or headcanon information, and sticks strictly to things that have been confirmed my CaZsm herself, or is present in the game and discord.

This wiki is under construction! Please don't complain if the page you're looking for doesn't exist yet! It takes time to gather screenshots of CaZsm confirming things or gathering all of the past version of a specific plant or location, and we want to ensure this wiki has everything you need, so give us time to perfect it!

We don't have anything against the other wiki, and only made this one to try to make another location for people to find information. It can be hard to find info about small games similar to BAAR, especially photos of old features and information on everything current. We respect the creators of the other wiki and hope their wiki grows! This one is just meant to be packed with everything you might need, but likely wont be finished in a long time. Thank you for bearing with us.

What is Be an Alien; Renewal?

In Be an Alien; Renewal, you can become one of many fully animated, custom alien creatures that look like snakes, birds, dinosaurs, and other weirder things. Explore, fight, build, and roleplay with other players as your custom character!

The idea of the game is to do whatever makes you happy! Building, roleplaying, battling, exploring, or just hanging out. There's many options as to what you can be or what you can do!

The game has a few rules, which you need to follow, these rules include

1) Use common sense. Do not play if you cannot do this.

2) Respect other players. Leave them alone if they ask.

3) Do not destroy or edit other player's buildings without permission.

4) Do not exploit, exploiters will not be unbanned

5) Do not pretend to be an Admin.

If you'd like to figure out who is or isn't an admin, you can see all the Moderators and Admins listed in the Roblox Group. On top of this, Moderators and Admins can change their chat text color. If you aren't sure if they're real or not, ask them to change their text color. If they refuse, they're likely fake.

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