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Aliens are the main and defining feature of all of the games in the Be an Alien series. As its title suggests, the entire premise of the series is to become and play as an alien in a different world. These aliens are the unique, otherworldly creature lifeforms designed personally by the owner of the game. In the imagined world of Kiray, aliens coexist in an intricate, interdependent ecosystem.

Every game in the series taps into this world, in which each individual alien has its own statistics, abilities, and appearances. Through becoming an alien, players of the game gain the ability to explore the map, build creations, interact with others, and customize their character. Whilst the game is called be an alien, players can still choose to play as a human.

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Aliens are presumably multicellular, eukaryotic, carbon-based organisms that can breathe, consume organic material, move their bodies, and reproduce. They form by means of embryogenesis and hatch from eggs. They are capable of interacting with their environment and each other on the habitable moon of Kiray. Because their biology is actually very similar to that of animals on Earth, they can be informally sorted into lower classifications of Earth's animals.

Aliens inhale oxygen and consume food to undergo cellular respiration for energy. When breathing, oxygen is carried through their equivalent to blood on molecules of hemocyanin. Because aliens have hemocyanin instead of hemoglobin in their "blood", it appears as blue (transparent when deoxygenated) and is considered hemolymph. It should be noted that Kiray's atmosphere has a higher concentration of oxygen than that of Earth. Aliens can be classified by their diet into carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. Most aliens are omnivorous with a preference towards either meat or plants. Because of the deadly nature of Kiray's flora, there are the least herbivores than any other type of alien.

Most aliens are vertebrates and have bones. Despite this, they only provide protection and structure and don't undergo hematopoiesis; they don't require the production of blood cells. This also means that invertebrate aliens, like the Gnark, supposedly don't differ very much from their vertebrate counterparts.

All aliens have sensory organs like antennae, eyes, nostrils, or ears. It is assumed that aliens mostly have other major organs like the stomach, lungs, and heart. Aliens' bodies most commonly include distinguishable heads, torsos, and limbs and show patterns in beaks, eyes, and scales. It is extremely improbable that aliens have features similar to fur or feathers.

Aliens' interactions with each other can vary in frequency between species; aliens can range from solitary (like the Hekk or Lingxir) to social (like the Tinit or Tonit). All aliens are presumed sentient, although the only fully sapient alien is the Skiedon. The alien that comes closest to the Skiedon in terms of intelligence is the Talerex.

List of aliens in Be an Alien: Renewal

Be an Alien: Renewal currently has eighteen playable aliens with many more planned in the future.

Common aliens

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Other Aliens

There exist other aliens from previous versions of the game that have yet to be added, along with ones that only exist as concepts in art:

Other Aliens